911 & E911 Disclosure for Cloaked Wireless Wi-Fi Calling Service

This disclosure is intended to inform Cloaked Wireless customers about the key differences between traditional 911 service and 911 access using Cloaked Wireless Wi-Fi Calling (“Wi-Fi 911 Service”). It’s crucial to understand these distinctions to ensure you can effectively reach emergency services when needed. Please read this disclosure carefully. If you have any questions or require clarification, contact Cloaked Wireless customer service at 1(800) 206-4974.

Important Note: Wi-Fi 911 Service may not function during a power outage. The service relies on your Wi-Fi connection, which becomes unavailable in case of power cuts. In such situations, you won’t be able to use Wi-Fi 911 until power is restored. Resets or reconfigurations might also be necessary after a power outage to resume using the service. We strongly advise having alternative communication methods during power outages, such as a landline, a backup internet connection, or a battery-powered device. It’s your responsibility to ensure you have a backup power source if uninterrupted service is critical.

Wi-Fi 911 Service is also dependent on your internet connection. Service disruptions or termination by your internet service provider (ISP) or Cloaked Wireless will prevent you from using Wi-Fi 911. Even if the outage isn’t due to service suspension, you might need to reset or reconfigure your equipment before using Wi-Fi 911 again.

For accurate emergency response, providing your correct service address is crucial. When you dial 911 using Wi-Fi 911, your call gets routed based on the address you provided during activation (your “Registered Address”). This address directs your call to the appropriate emergency responders in your area. Be aware that Wi-Fi 911 calls connect to the general phone number for emergency services, not necessarily the dedicated 911 dispatchers. Additionally, Cloaked Wireless relies on third-party providers for routing, and therefore cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies in this information. If your service address is incorrect, update it through your online account at https://cloakedwireless.com/ or by contacting customer service.

Moving your device or damaging your equipment can affect Wi-Fi 911 functionality. Wi-Fi 911 calls won’t function if you use your device at a different location without notifying Cloaked Wireless of the address change. It can take up to 2 hours for address updates to be processed. Therefore, it’s vital to update your address in your Cloaked Wireless dashboard in advance. Incorrect or outdated address information can result in emergency responders being dispatched to the wrong location. To update your address or report equipment damage, visit your online account.

Emergency personnel might not be able to identify your phone number for callbacks. When using Wi-Fi 911, the emergency responders might not be able to see your phone number for return calls. While Cloaked Wireless’s system usually transmits your number, it relies on various phone companies to route the call to emergency services. The receiving agency’s technical capability also plays a role in receiving and displaying your phone number. This means emergency personnel might not be able to call you back if the call is dropped, disconnected, or if you’re unable to provide your number.

Similarly, emergency personnel might not be able to identify your location if you’re not at your registered address. Currently, there’s no technical solution to automatically transmit the call’s originating address for Wi-Fi 911 calls. If you use Wi-Fi 911 from a location other than your registered address, you must inform the emergency personnel about your location and the nature of the emergency. This is because they won’t have your address information readily available. Remember, they might not be able to locate you if the call is dropped, disconnected, or if you’re unable to communicate your location due to any reason.

Wi-Fi 911 calls have a higher chance of delays or dropouts compared to traditional 911 calls. Due to technical limitations, Wi-Fi 911 calls might experience network congestion or slower routing compared to calls made through traditional landline networks. Wi-Fi 911 calls connect to the general emergency service number, which may not be answered outside business hours in some areas, and not to the dedicated 911 dispatchers. This means there’s a higher possibility of encountering busy signals or longer wait times compared to traditional 911 calls.

It’s crucial to have alternative methods for reaching emergency services. Cloaked Wireless is not a primary line or lifeline service. It’s essential to have a backup method for contacting emergency responders, such as a traditional landline phone or other emergency notification services.

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